Building on history as we craft our own

With a passion for real estate and an affinity for both ancestry and architecture, John H. Emery founded Fairmont Properties to bring renewed life to historic estates.

With over forty years of unrelenting dedication to craftsmanship and design, Fairmont has turned experience into expertise, honouring both tradition and innovation as we reinterpret and reinvigorate properties across Toronto and the GTA.

The Craft of Kings

With a team including an architect and designer, Fairmont prides itself on being able to deliver seamless restoration experiences. Working collaboratively with renowned Interior designers, architects, and landscape designers, we can expertly bring any design from concept to actuality. All projects are placed within the experienced hands of our construction managers with an overflowing potential to create and deliver.

Over the years, Fairmont has built an extended family of tradespeople and professionals who help bring to life every Fairmont project from conception to final inspection. It’s a collaborative process that has resulted in crafting award-winning projects and properties that define neighbourhoods and streetscapes across the city.


Associations & Affiliates