At Fairmont Properties, we’re dedicated to delivering seamless restoration experiences.  As our diverse portfolio of projects expands, we take pride in the growing community of satisfied customers who have experienced the Fairmont difference. Explore their stories below and witness firsthand why Fairmont Properties is synonymous with excellence in home restoration.

Yorkville Hideaway property with a modern open concept living room and kitchen

I renovated a townhouse in Downtown Toronto and couldn’t be happier with the results. My house even won the 2022 BILD award for the best renovation in the GTA.

Craig McPherson’s management of the project, his quick response to any queries that I had, as well as his respect for his tradespeople ensured that the project was on time and stress-free.

Fairmont goes above and beyond in both quality of workmanship, attention to detail, and customer service.


John Emery came in on budget and on time. His design team allowed me to feel that I was in charge and if there were better options, I was always alerted.

His crew was polite, well informed, and always listened carefully and considered every question to be important.

The work site was cleaned up each night and the neighbours remarked that they had no idea a renovation as extensive as ours was going on beside them. The result is stunning! I could not be happier.

The Annex

A red brick townhouse with a large tree outside
Marble walk-in shower with a chrome rainfall showerhead

Fairmont completed a major renovation of my home in South Rosedale in 2021.

This was accomplished by the team of skilled trades led by the wonderful Craig McPherson. Craig provided a clear budget and workflow plan and I received regular updates on both process and budget. My neighbours commented on how much they appreciated Fairmont’s communication with them BEFORE the start of work, and the tidiness, efficiency, and general respect shown by the crew.

And, even with all the procurement and staffing challenges caused by COVID, my reno was completed on time. I am delighted with both the process and the product of working with Fairmont and can confidently recommend them. The team provides complete support throughout what otherwise can be a disruptive and stressful experience; Fairmont removed that risk for me.


I have found Fairmont Properties exemplary in every regard – workmanship, budget control, and most importantly, the service they provide is infused with a can-do attitude. They go to exceptional lengths to provide client satisfaction and no detail is too small for their consideration. My experience in working with them has been a gratifying one.

Casa Loma

View from a tastefully decorated living room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking lush trees
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We found the Fairmont team to be extremely personable, reliable, and efficient, both during the course of our renovation and in the years since. They don’t walk away from their clients when the job is done and take very good care of their Fairmont Family.

Fairmont’s workmanship and attention to detail is second to none and they have so many industry contacts that nothing is impossible to source or build.


Fairmont understands the intricacies of moving things through the various owner and municipal approval stages. They collaborate in a respectful manner with neighbours impacted by the construction and do what they say they’ll do in terms of workmanship and timeliness of completion.

We took a very old home and built something amazing while respecting the footprint, the building materials, the character of the neighbourhood, and the signature of the original home. Our Fairmont home was even nominated as the best renovation in Canada!

The Fairmont design and build team were great to work with and the “after-market” service and responsiveness was outstanding.

Formerly of Chestnut Park Road, South Rosedale

A large sand coloured home with a grey roof renovated in a traditional style

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